Monday, August 3, 2015

The Number 6 Reason That We're Looking Forward to Our October ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island...

Almost Everything is Included!
At ReMe - Ocracoke, your accommodations in our Historic Soundfront Inn are included!
When we designed our ReMe Retreats, we attempted to include absolutely everything that we would enjoy at an Art Retreat, and enjoy it we do!  We want each of our guests to devote every bit of their energy to their mission of Resting, Relaxing, and Renewing.  You could literally arrive with just your clothing, and you’d probably be just fine!  (For a comprehensive list of all that’s included in your ReMe Retreat,please click here.)

At Your ReMe Retreat, surprises...
tasty and otherwise...await you at every turn!
For your chance to win our Fabulous ReMe Prize Package, please post your answer to the question below in the comments section.  You'll also earn an extra entry for each time you share this post on social media.  Be sure to post a link to your share here for us to count your extra entries.

If you were preparing to attend a ReMe Retreat, what's the one thing that you wouldn't leave home without?

Thank you for visiting, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the Number 5 Reason That We're Looking Forward to Our October ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island.

Class in our gorgeous studio are included too!

There’s still time to join us in October!
Please use the link on 
the left side of this page,
and register.
When the link disappears,
we’re full to capacity.


  1. If I were preparing to attend Re-Me - I would be planning cool giftings for my fellow attendees and teachers. The evening sharing was just so much fun!

  2. Gifts!
    A little of this, a little of that, and maybe some extra sparkle!

  3. I'm leaving expectations at home and bringing my imagination. I don't have any favorite tools. Well, maybe a ruler, but I want to try different things!

  4. A few of my favorite colors of paint. I love bright colors and always worry that I won't find the right colors in a class.

  5. The fun, the laughter, the learning. What could be better!

  6. i would totally overpack. i would bring every bit of my fun supplies.


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