Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Year - A New Brick and Mortar Studio for ReMe Retreats in 2017!

2017 is ushering in so many wonderful happenings at ReMe.  And we're looking forward to sharing each and every one of them with you.  The first of these is uber-exciting news for us.  On February 1st, ReMe Retreats we'll be moving into our very own brick and mortar studio location here in Vass, North Carolina!
  • This means that ReMe will have a real-grown-up-formal-retreat-company-commercial-style-studio-and office at 127 Main Street, Vass, NC 28394.  (Yay!)
  • This means that Jodi Ohl and Jean Skipper will have new studio homes in the location too.  (Yay! Yay!)
  • This means that that our space will more than double, and we'll be working year-round on new classes, new collaborative projects, and new ReMe Experiences  for YOU,  (Yay!  Yay!  Yay!)
The new ReMe Retreat's Studios will be located just next door to Creative Studios NC. This will allow us continue to work closely with Jan McClay and her team, and they'll continue to host our larger scale classes and ReMe Experiences here in The Sandhills.  Jan will continue to represent Jodi and Jean's work, and she'll be able to expand her classroom and gallery presence as a result of the move too.   

Indeed it's good news all around for us, and we hope that you're excited about it too.  We'll share more details and photos with you as things progress.

In the mean time... if you have any handy tips for smoothly and efficiently packing and moving two wildly creative and overstuffed artists' studios... 
or if you have suggestions for the things that we should consider as we're setting up our new digs... please provide us with your best words of advice below in the comments.  

We really mean it!  

In fact, on February 11th at noon, we'll use a random number generator to select a winner for a surprise package from us to you.  What will be in it?  We'll be as surprised by that as you will!  And you can be sure that we'll include a wealth of the abundance that we'll surely discover during our move too.

More of your thoughts are a good thing. So to keep things interesting, we'll ask you to leave up to one comment per day.  

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Thanks for playing!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Celebrating Jodi Ohl and “Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink”

The Cover of "Abstracts In Acrylic and Ink"
At the core of ReMe Retreats is our belief that our dreams are always within reach, and that they’re definitely worth pursuing.  With this in mind we take special pleasure today in celebrating the success of one of our own. 

Jodi Ohl’s accomplishments are many.  She’s built a body of work that’s known for its distinctive texture, bold color combinations, and whimsical abstract compositions.  She’s been published in more than thirty international publications.  She’s contributed to five Mixed Media Books.  Her work is represented by regional galleries in North Carolina and throughout the East Coast.  She’s a popular mixed media art teacher online and in person.  And she co-owns ReMe Retreats with Jean Skipper.  While working diligently on all of these facets of her work, Jodi has just seen one of her biggest, wildest, and most audacious dreams come true.  Her very first book has been published, and it’s receiving rave reviews!

“Abstracts in Acrylics and Ink” is by far, Ohl’s biggest career accomplishment to date.  It debuted in late December, and the first official launch party to celebrate Jodi and her book is being held this Friday, January 6th, from 6:00 until 8:00, at Swank Coffee and Handmade Market in Downtown Southern Pines.

Please join us to celebrate Jodi, preview her book, view her original artwork, and nibble and sip the night away!   Jodi will also discuss her artistic process and sign book copies during this free event. 

Swank Coffee and Handmade Market, located at 232 Broad Street in Southern Pines.  In addition to a full menu of freshly brewed beverages, Swank features a wide variety of regional artwork.  Questions about Friday’s event may be addressed by calling Swank at 910-692-8068, and advanced copies of Ohl’s book may also be reserved by calling this number.