Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ReMe Retreats' Favorite Things - Art Supplies! - Enter to Win

While our talented passionate guests are truly the secret of our success at ReMe; Jodi Ohl, Penny Arrowood, and Jean Skipper are also artists who love their stuff.  If you’ve ever seen their studios, or the way that they pack their cars, you’ll understand exactly what we mean! 

Individually, their collections of Art Stuff are obnoxious in the best possible way.  Collectively, they have more than all three of them could possibly use in their lifetimes!  With that said, each of these talented artists plays favorites too.  There are certain supplies that they never leave home without, and they’ll be sharing some of them here over the next ten days.

Asking them to choose favorites among their supplies is a little like asking them to choose a favorite song, food, or color.  None of them can pick just one.  So the next ten posts will feature a few of the art supplies that they love, in no particular order, at this moment in time.

Beginning tomorrow, they’ll share one-a-day, Monday through Friday, for the next ten days.  “What happens at the end?”, a random drawing for Fabulous Prizes all relating to this list of ReMe’s Favorites! 

You’ll have the opportunity to enter this drawing up to three times each day in the manner that follows:

Each of our posts will end with a question.  Answer that question in the comments section, and you’ll be entered to win!

Share our daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest…and you’ll receive another entry to win for each share.  Please include a separate link for each of your shares in the comments section below each post to receive these extra entries too.

Happy Creating!  And we’ll see you again tomorrow for the first post in this series.


Here’s your chance for an early bird entry!
Before we begin our list, in the comments section below, please tell us about 
the one art supply that’s tops on your hit parade right now.

Have Supplies...Will Travel!  (And this is before we finished packing!)


  1. Vintaj brass metal blanks and my Vintaj Big Kick.

  2. Shared on Pinterest. Pinned to my board ReMe Art Retreats.

  3. Golden acrylic paints - especially black and white

  4. Shared on FB.

    Looking forward to reading others faves!

  5. I'm living white paint pens. They are wonderful for highlights and finishing get touches and makes little details easier because the pen is easy to Control.

  6. Golden Acrylics...I think....India Ink....No, Golden Acrylics!

    1. And I think i figured out to pin it to Pintrest....there is my one thing learned for the day. Nap time!

  7. Niji water brush! I've been doing some simple watercolors recently, and this is the best.

  8. Just plain Crayola colored pencils. I've been doing mandalas. These are inexpensive, and I love feeling like a kid when I use them!

  9. Dylusion sprays!

  10. Chuckle....I love my's like a free 'redo' pass"......(:


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