Monday, November 2, 2015

Grateful Moments ReMe October 2015

If we have been a little quiet over here at ReMe it's because we all are coming down from the retreat high of our latest ReMe adventure in Ocracoke.  As quick as it started, it seemed we were saying teary goodbyes!   As all of us immerse ourselves in the 100's of photos taken during the course of the event, here's a sneak peek at some of the beginning preparations we had going on behind the scenes before this lovely group of women joined us a little over a week ago on Ocracoke.  We will be sure to share even more as the weeks go on so you can be at the retreat in 'creative spirit' with us!

We try to make the retreat as carefree of an adventure as we can, that's why you'll see all of the organizers and instructors schlepp tons of goodies for the 'kids' to play with and or purchase if they choose while we are together.     Lucky for students, we are all hoarders    "collectors" of a bountiful  amount of goods they are able to use  for classes. That in and of itself saves tons of money and stress from having to purchase your own stash for one class!

Yes you see prescription bottles to the left of Penny's display, but there's no pharmacist needed for what's inside--a dose of artsy goodness in a variety of forms (some have labels, ink nibs, watch parts and more).

Jean has a huge collection of stamps and tools to make embossing metal a breeze! Hammers, pliers, and stamps..oh my!

Jodi may have more paint then a Michael's store just sayin :)   Plenty of colors, mediums, and other fun tools to be shared with our guests so they can get their paint on with professional results!

A little peek at our pre-guest arrival the first night. The ReMe 'elves' had a fun little project to get everyone started in the festivities.  That was after our catered opening night dinner from an island favorite eatery. I'm not sure how we created anything after that feast!!!

Can you believe Eduardo brought all this delicious authentic Mexican cuisine over to our house on these beautiful platters?     Be sure to visit Eduardo's Taco stand if you are on the island.  You won't be disappointed!!

Oh lookie...a treasure from our May girls!   A sweet surprise for us to discover as we set up for the event!

Penny brought a personal treasure to decorate and inspire our coffee station.  The island brings forth a sense of peace and grounding for sure, but we all need reminders from time to time to allow it to come into our being.   One of our lovely guests, Audrie,  was nice enough to share breathing and yoga techniques each morning to whomever wanted to participate.  Taking a few minutes each day to breathe deeply to  ground yourself is so important.  Self care is something we all say we need to do, but do we really take the time necessary to do it? It doesn't even have to be a huge amount of time Audrie shared, it can be as little as 15 minutes a day or whenever you have time to spare, and you will start to see a difference in your world.  

This year has been  quite a year for your ReMe organizers, we all have faced our own personal mountains to overcome, yet at the core of it all is our faith in doing what we love and faith that we are on the right path no matter what life twists and turns show up at our door step. Each and every one of us uses words and text in our art.  Here you see one of Jean's pieces that reminds us that One Day At A Time is all we need to focus on in those crazy days of life. Sometimes it's one minute at a time.      This year once again we were blown away by the stories our October girls shared with us. Poignant stories, of triumph, overcoming obstacles,  funny adventures, and amazing accomplishments.    

We are lucky indeed to have had the pleasure of their company for our 4th ReMe retreat.  Thank you all who joined us, you will forever be in our hearts and are now one of our ReMe Sisters for Life.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more memories and moments from ReMe 2015.  

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Artfully and gratefully yours,

Jodi, Jean and Penny