Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 6: Our Favorite Things-Art Supplies Series: Paper - Pt. Deux!

Welcome to Day 6 of
"Our  Favorite Things - Art Supplies!" Series.  
In no particular order; Jodi, Penny, and Jean will take turns sharing a few of
their creative must-haves.

Hello, gang -- Penny here, again.  Did I throw you with the title for todays post?  My love of paper is indeed voluminous -- quite worthy of spilling into another rapturous post.  Today, I am speaking specifically about handmade papers.

There is something of the luxuriant and exotic inherent in handmade paper.  Many of them have the feel of fine textiles.  The crisp translusence of rice papers offer myriad possibilities; while sturdier natural fibers in banana paper or Nujabi can easily be finished to mimic leather (!) If bold, vibrant color is your thing, there is a world of color at your fingertips as you peruse lokta, mulberry, and other handmade varieties.

I had the good fortune to meet a family of paper-makers on a trip to Seoul, South Korea in the spring of last year.  In the short time I was in their tiny, street front shop *practically a stall* I encountered fellow shoppers that included:  a mother and daughter buying HUGE sheets of handmade paper to cover the walls in their dining/living room, university students purchasing papers for art projects, and a handful of fellow lovers of the refined pulp.

Another of the many reasons I love handmade papers is for their versatility.  They make for lovely additions to many forms of creative expression -- collage, card-making, home decor, and *of course* book making.

Patchwork Papers
A sewing-themed collage with a background of handmade papers
"quilted" with smaller squares of seed catalogue illustrations.
Grass (2 of 3)
Collage on 300 lb. water color paper.
Handmade paper as book covers
highlight the construction of this journal.

So...  How about you? 
What is your favorite way to

incorporate the beauty of handmade papers
in your creative endeavors?

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  1. I just want to feel them. Have them in stock in case I need them. I'm not a paper artist, but I sure admire all the art creations that I see online and just know that someday I will make my own paper art.

  2. I like to embed them in encaustic paintings

  3. I like to collage with them or stain with watercolors or dye and use as a texture base or use as visual interest on a top layer.

  4. when i am not hoarding them (don't paper collections count as a creation??), i like bookmaking. i love putting different kinds of handmade papers in books. every page turn a delight.

  5. I love to layer and collage with papers but the funny part is that I feel like I loose the pretty paper a little too mich, so I always try to leave a piece or two peeking out, I. Order to retain it's glory.

  6. handmade papers in my journal...probably more like they make up a journal for me. Usually they are thick enough that you can actually use them as your base and then bind them all together to create your own journal. I think it would be actually kinda cool to use it as a 'canvas' too...hmm - that gives me an idea!


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