Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 2: Our Favorite Things-Art Supplies Series: Acrylic Paints!

 Welcome to day 2 of "Our  Favorite Things - Art Supplies!" Series.  In no particular order; Jodi, Penny, and Jean will take turns sharing a few of their creative must-haves.

Happy Friday!  Jodi Here, carrying on with  our ReMe art supply love fest, day 2.

While I don’t have any pics of myself at age  5 or so to prove it, I believe my love affair with paint began one  sunny day while attending the  church pre-school.  I specifically remember me standing in front of an easel, dressed in my paint splattered smock admiring my abstract work that resembled a banana floating over blobs of color.   (My abstracts have changed only slightly since that time...heehee ;)
 (My abstracts have changed only slightly since that time...heehee ;)

“It’s brilliant!” the teacher said.  I happily agreed. 

It was perhaps the first spark of motivation that I needed to embark into a variety of painting endeavors while young.  Paint by numbers.  Coloring books that had watercolors embedded in the bottom of the pages.  Later on in middle school and high school, I clearly remember gigantic jars of cheap acrylic paint that looked good enough to eat.  And then like many,  my interests diverted to other things, some creative and some more ‘practical’.  Music, drawing, writing, and then I stopped it all for working in the field of retail management and banking.   Diversion or no diversion, the love for painting never completely died, it was simply put to rest until it was ready to come out again. 

When we first started talking here at “ReMe” about doing a favorite supply count down, without hesitation, my first supply that came to mind that I can’t live without is Acrylic paint.    The type of acrylics that I favor have changed over the years.   Having grown in my own skills and knowledge of what makes a great paint.  I truly appreciate the depth of color and the vibrancy of professional grade acrylics, despite the higher costs.  It's worth it.  Spend the extra bit of money for the vibrancy of color!      Without a doubt, there is no comparing the lush creamy pigments of a bold soft body paint. It's hard to resist colors that dance off the canvas. There are some pigments that practically sing with joy they minute they hit your substrate!  I’m in love with the sheerness of transparent fluid acrylics and have a penchant for the man made colors of the Quinicridone and Phthalo family.         When feeling playful and looking for additional ‘jazz’ to liven up my work, the shimmery quality of acrylics mixed with mica flakes in the Silks Acrylics are perfect to grab.
Some of the many fabulous Silks Acrylics that I'm enamored with.

Can you tell that these are well loved and certainly very much used little soldiers?  How I love me some Golden Paints!

I love the creamy soft body acrylics that Liquitex creates.  Yum Yum.

When you love something, just go BIG. I love Matisse paints too and have found it's just more economical to go big when you use a ton of  the colors.   Here you see just a glimpse of my table. As you can see, it's full of fun supplies and must have tools :)

I love to get my fingers into the paint.
I love the fact that acrylics are versatile and can be transformed by glazes, washes, stains, and embodied with textures while mixing in mediums.  Whether layering, scratching into, writing over, building up texture, mixing together, scraping, brushing or dripping, I’m in my happy place with acrylics.
Some of my favorite brands are Golden, Matisse, and Liquitex, and Colourarte.  If I had to choose 4 or 5 or 6 , or 15 colors that are my current favorite here they are :  Aqua Green Light (Matisse),  Permanent Violet Dark (Golden),  Australian Sienna (Matisse),  Baltic Green (Liquitex),  Green Gold (Golden),  Cobalt Teal (Matisse), Light Blue Violet (Liquitex),  Quinicridone Magenta (Golden),  Diarylide Yellow  (Golden);  Olive vine Green, Ginger Peach,  Key Lime,  Plumeria,  Snap Dragon,  Cinnamon Brown  (all Colourarte Silks Acrylics).

I’m just looking at my table right now and it’s fairly obscene how many colors of paint I own.

Who am I kidding, it’s hard to choose one color that is my 

favorite or just a few. 

One of my new you see several of my favorite colors in their glory and mixed with each other to come up with my own signature palette of colors.

Here you can see that my students have a love of color, too.  All across the country, I've had the blessing to be surrounded by eager students and art enthusiast that share an affinity of color and texture in their acrylic painting journey.

I hope you had some teacher, friend, family member or even total stranger tell you that you are brilliant and have a touch of magic in what you do.  It can lead you on an amazing journey of discovery and passion for that thing that will make your heart spill over in happiness.

As you can see here, one of the first affirmations I received at the age of 5 (whether it was truly warranted or not) has led to some great experiences and an ever growing love for art supplies and all things creative.

So for your question, tell me what colors are you in love with at the moment and 

brands?  Tell us who you are ‘seeing’ this week!

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  1. So for your question, tell me what colors are you in love with at the moment and
    brands? Tell us who you are ‘seeing’ this week!
    I am on a tight budget so I am limited in the paints that I can buy but I love Americana by DecoArt and especially love the color Desert Turquoise. My next project is a necklace rack made with plaques and cup hooks. It will have some of that color for sure. This is my first visit here and it is great! I don't know what "who you are 'seeing'" is about but I see colors and unlimited possibilities for creating art. I love Jodi Ohl's work.

  2. I love rich jewel colors like purple, fuschia and royal blue, along with neon colors too. The brighter the better, as far as I am concerned. I love Twinkling H20s and Silks and recently found a set of neon acrylic inks by Daler Rowney that is awesome to work with. I'm "seeing" how fun, vibrant and versatile these inks can be as layers in my mixed media art. This week I'm using the inks in an art journal swap project. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Joanna Grant

  3. i know you love acrylics....especially the twinkling h2o and silks. i dont have any of those but sure would love to win some. your art is as always amazing. xoxo

  4. I love golden and all colourarte paints. Purples blues, and a pop of hot pink or magenta.

  5. I'm new to I only have a small set of tri-art and one color of golden...not enough for any real comparisons yet! I do want to try the colourart silks...and acrylic inks.....

  6. I love Golden Fluid Acrylics, although I only have a few! All shades of blue, but especially turquoise and Aqua are my favs. Also love hot pink and orange. Thanks for a chance to win 😀

  7. I love Golden Fluid Acrylics, Pebeo paints and Daler Rowney FW acrylic inks. Colors---every one of them. Can't do without Paynes Gray.

  8. I love my Goldens and Atelier Interactives and a fave color of the month is the green gold!

  9. Pinks and oranges are my favorites. Golden puts out a few heavy body colors that are sooooo vivid. I mix them up with yellow and create a pop of color that I love love love!

  10. Running out the door now to get acrylics.....the vibrant colors and advice about which paints you loved are inspiration! Saw your work last year in SP and purchased a couple for an auction donation. They were a hit! Especially the angel! Thanks for sharing your story.

  11. Wow, first of all, every art piece in this post are absolutely amazing! I'm drooling over here!! Thank you for having this giveaway. I have many acrylics from deco art, but at the moment, my favorite paints are Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley. I'm loving the vibrant colors she has of the neon green, the turquoise, and purple. As for who I'm seeing, hands down, Donna Downey! I'm currently taking her class "Inspiration Wednesday" and I'm having a blast creating work in my art journal by her inspiration tutorials.

  12. Shared on my Facebook page:

  13. More beautiful art! I love Golden Teal, paynes gray,Naples yellow. Liquitex vivid lime green, medium magenta. And so many more. I also love Pam Carraker paints and inks- especially turquoise, it may be my most favorite at the moment. I am "seeing" small 4x4 canvases coming to live on my table along wit circles too.

    1. The why is that they just make things come alive. I love color any color

  14. I am fairly new to painting. I do use acrylics. My favorite colors are shades of blue, green and purple. I use Liquidex paints, but after reading your post, I am anxious to try the Golden Fluid Acrylics. "Who are you seeing.? Is that a ReMe thing? Your work is gorgeous. 🎨

  15. I'm drawn to anything yellow. Sometimes it's hard to find the "right" yellow, but you can never go wrong with Cadmium Yellow by Liquitex, Light Blue is a second favorite. I recently bought a few "new" colors to try - oranges, pinks and purples. Sometimes it's hard to reach for something new, but I'm up for the challenge.

  16. Love the colors in this painting!

  17. Yay! I figured out how to put in a picture.

  18. Most of my paintings have cerulean, alright Aqua green, and cadmium red light in them. Liquitex heavy body paints are my favorite as well as Modern Masters Metallics for over glazes and splashes of color in mixed media pieces.

  19. I "see" a lot of changes in my art over the past year.

  20. My colors at the moment are.., Liquitex Cobalt Teal, Pyrrole Crimson, and Turner's Yellow. I very much admire Wan Marsh's paintings..she is such an inspiration and I LOVE her colors she uses!

  21. colors...totally in love with aquas and teals right now. but even more, i love color combinations. add some lavendar, black, white. green. happy me! my favorite paints are acrylic inks, koi watercolors, twinkling h2os, matisse.
    what i am seeing right now is a total reorg of all my supplies! it's so inspiring to see everything that i have gathered and then buried while carelessly putting stuff 'away'.

  22. Surprisingly for me - brights are my new fave. I have always been a person that liked the nuetrals and blands...but over the past year I had forced myself to 'play' outside my comfort zone and now I can't get enough of color! I flip back and forth between Golden and Dina Wakley paints.
    What I am seeing right now is style and visions in my work is evolving and I couldn't be more excited!


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