Saturday, March 18, 2017

A New Home for ReMe - The Sandhills - October 2017

Early registration is now open for
ReMe - The Sandhills - October 2017!  


And we're happy to annouce📣

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that due to popular demand

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We have a new house to call Home for ReMe - The Sandhills - 2017! 🤗🏡🌲
  • This house is all that we could have imagined for our perfect home in The Sandhills.  
  • It's located in the Historic District in Downtown Pinehurst, North Carolina.
  • It's within walking distance of The Village and its shops and restaurants.
  • It's within a twenty minute drive of our studio classroom.
  • There's an outdoor garden and yard area that's beyond beautiful.
  • There's a cozy living room and fireplace for informal gatherings.
  • There are several dining areas and other gathering places.
  • There's also a pool table, a dart board, a hot tub, and so much more!
The only downside to this property is that there will be room to house just ten guests, plus your ReMe Hosts, Jean Skipper and Jodi Ohl.

We'll be offering two different ReMe Retreat Reservation Options next year as a result.  The first will include lodging in The ReMe House, and the second will be offered for guests who wish to coordinate their own lodging.

Rooms in The House will be filled as reservations for them are received.  If informal communal gatherings are a priority in your ReMe Retreat Experience, we encourage you to reserve early to be sure that space is available.

You'll find photos of the house and more information about it here...

You'll find our reservation page here...

(Please note that both "First Time Guest" and "Alumni" payment buttons are available.)

And you'll find the first draft of our week-at-a-glance-schedule here... 

In the mean time... we'd love to hear from you.
If you've stayed under the same room with us at a previous ReMe Retreat, 
what were your favorite parts of the experience?  

If you've not stayed under the sane roof with us yet at ReMe,
what would you anticipate most eagerly?

Please provide us with your thoughts below in the comments.

We really mean it!  

In fact, on March 28th at noon, we'll use a random number generator to select a winner for a surprise package from us to you.  What will be in it?  We'll be as surprised by that as you will!  And we promise that it will be good.

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