Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 3: Our Favorite Things-Art Supplies Series: Paper!

Welcome to Day 3 of
"Our  Favorite Things - Art Supplies!" Series.  
In no particular order; Jodi, Penny, and Jean will take turns sharing a few of
their creative must-haves.

Hello, gang -- Penny here.  In the continuation of our current series, I'm excited to share one of my favorite things with you:  Paper!  I fully realize that, to many, this will come as no surprise at all.  I am known to be quite the Paper H.O. *Heartily Obsessed*  Today, I am speaking specifically about art paper(s).

Far and away, my favorite Art Papers to work with are those from Strathmore.  I work most often from padded stock.  This is for several reasons:  
    -  it is economical (allowing one to accumulate variously sized papers for customization without multiple cuts to acheive 'standard sizes')
    -  it is frequently available at local retailers (either through Art Supply outlets, such as Jerry's Artarama -- or through mass market retailers, like Michael's or AC Moore)
    -  it is readily available in many formats/finishes, and allows me to tailor the finished project to the job it is designed for.  My favorite papers for Art Journaling are Mixed Media and Watercolor papers; while a better/less bulky choice for writing and/or sketching is Hemp Charcoal Paper
    -  it is rather easier to store than larger/bulkier parent sheets of paper. 

Plenty of options in size, format,
and paper finishes

Speaking of parent sheets (or, whole sheets of paper -- often 22x30 in. or larger), when it comes to working from larger stock it is hard to beat the luxuriant feel and substantial structural flexibility of Stonehenge -- a 100% cotton, printmaking paper made in US.

Luminous, rich, and with a superb feel
Stonehenge offers limitless possibiltiies for the book maker.

So...  How about you? 
Do you have a favorite Art Paper that is your "go to"
when building a book or
working within a commercially produced journal?

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  1. I am new to the world of painting/mixed media but I know from other art media that it's worth spending money on food I've been using strathmore paper as suggested by a number of awesome mixed media artists!

  2. Strathmore is my favorite, too! Can even do alcohol ink paintings on one of them!

  3. I like a lot of the tissue weight papers that come from Us Artquest. Especially the ones with script on them, I have a fondness for text.

  4. Love me some Strathmore! Easy to find, cuts nicely, great paper, lots of finishes and on sale a lot at Michaels! <3

  5. Yes. I go mainly with Strathmore as well but also loving deli papers to add collage elements!
    Victoria Burgess

  6. I find that cold press, 140 lb paper works for me. I like the thickness for multiple layees, the rough texture for depth, and it's ability to multi task.

  7. I have never done anything "official" with papers. I have some Strathmore pads, but I'm quite certain I don't even know how to pick the right paper for a particular project. Lots to learn! I actually love paper. I still have some notepads from 30+ years ago. If I use them, then I don't have the pretty papers any more. :)

  8. Posted to Pinterest. I'm trying to win!

  9. My favorite paper right now is Strathmore multi media, the yellow or Browm. I also love their Bristol paper for making sketch journals. I like to put various papers in handmade journal. I also love Arches Watercolor and Strathmore printing paper when I am gelli printing a lot. Deli paper is great for collage.

  10. strathmore watercolor, for sure. i can't be trusted not to wet up my paper and so, watercolor it is.

  11. I have always enjoyed a great mixed media paper, but I have recently been introduced to Pentalic Sketch Books and am in LOVE! The weight is fantastic and can handle just about everything I do to it!


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