Sunday, March 25, 2018

Exploring Cold Wax and Oil Painting : A Mini Retreat of Fun and Creative Adventure!

ReMe Presents-Exploring Cold Wax and Oil Workshop

Hello everyone!  This year has been a whirlwind for Jean and Jodi as they have moved studios,  grown their event hosting from 2 to 4 workshops & retreats,  added on a 'home' for the ReMe Sandhills event, and perhaps even bigger news for Jean-she's opened a gallery & studio space right next to the ReMe studio called "ARTworks Vass"  (be sure to like the gallery page on Facebook if you haven't all ready!

The  latest ReMe mini retreat was recently held at ARTworks Vass,  "Exploring Cold Wax and Oil Painting" with  (Jodi Ohl) at the helm as the instructor, and Jean holding down the hospitality end of the mini retreat  throughout the weekend.

And what a weekend it was!  We started off the event with an arty party/show opening,  featuring Jodi's new collection of cold wax paintings entitled "Serendipity".   Tons of visitors stopped into the shop to mingle with fellow art lovers and students, as our ReMe co-owner, Jodi Ohl, discussed her new work and processes.    With students traveling in from around the country to take part in this contemporary process of using cold wax with oil painting, you could almost feel the excitement in the air the night before the  weekend of creative exploration!

After learning the basics of what cold wax painting entails,   the students began working on various substrates that would develop over the 3 days of scraping, scratching, painting, and layering!  We were all amazed that with the same instructions, how different each and every painting turned out!

Eating, drinking, painting, and being merry--what more could anyone want?  To be sure, all the students and instructor walked away with a treasure trove of information to explore even further after we parted ways on Monday.

If you missed out on this mini retreat and are interested in cold wax and oil painting, rumor has it that Jodi will be teaching an introductory course online entitled  "Abstracts in Cold Wax and Oil Painting" at the end of the summer.  She is gathering up student names and emails that have expressed interest and want to potentially join in  the online course. If that person is YOU, be sure to sign up by clicking HERE.  *Students on this list will be first to know about having early early bird specials, plus benefit from some product and or class giveaways*

Our next major retreat for ReMe will be our flagship event in Ocracoke the first week in May.  While it is sold out (our May event is very small and sells out each year BUT in the event someone cancels and you'd like to be on our waiting list, please email us at

We hope you will continue to visit us and and partake in all that ReMe and ARTworks Vass has to offer both online and in person!   Thank you for your support and patronage!   YOU are why ReMe continues to grow and evolve, and YOU are why we love our jobs more than you will ever know :)

Until next time,

Jean and Jodi
Along with the ReMe Team