Saturday, June 27, 2015

ReMe Retreats - It's All About The People

ReMe Retreats was founded with Art at the core, and we quickly came to realize that Art was only a part of a much larger picture.  The Magic of ReMe really happens when we combine our love of Art with our Guests, Instructors, and The Friends of ReMe.  

You'll see what we mean as you browse the ReMe - Ocracoke- May 2015 photos that follow:






THIS is how we roll at ReMe Retreats!  During the next few weeks, we'll feature a selection of these photos individually with our own captions on Facebook.  We'll also invite you to add your captions, so please stay tuned!  

For a glimpse at the times we shared during our 2014 ReMe Retreats on Ocracoke, please visit our Facebook Page here.


Special thanks to Lynne Simon Suprock, and all of our guests, 
for contributing their photographs to this page!


If you'd like to join us at ReMe - Ocracoke - October 2015, one space remains.  
Please reserve using The Paypal Link in the left column of this page.