ReMe Ocracoke - 2018

With availability for a maximum of only ten guests, ReMe - Ocracoke - 2018 has already reached capacity.  We do maintain a waiting list for this ReMe Experience, and in the event of a cancelation we turn to that list first.

To be added to our wait list for ReMe - Ocracoke, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions About 
ReMe - Ocracoke

Why are ReMe Retreats being held on Ocracoke Island? And will we be living in the lap of luxury there?

If you look up the word “Magical” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a picture of Ocracoke right there beside it. Ocracoke Island is a barrier island situated at the southern tip of The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

If you’re a fashionista who likes big city fun, an active club scene, big box department stores, malls, chain restaurants, five star accommodations, and a city that never sleeps, then Ocracoke probably isn’t your dream destination.

If you’re tastes run toward miles of undeveloped National Park Beach, Welcoming Locals, flip flops, fresh seafood, ducks on your doorstep, showering under the sun and stars, watching the ferries arrive and depart from our own private soundside beach, and hours of time to create, think, eat, drink, and be merry with kindred spirits, then Ocracoke and ReMe may be your dream come true.

If you’d like to learn more about this gem of an island, the Ocracoke Village Website will provide a great starting place.

How do I get to Ocracoke?
If you've never been to Ocracoke, part of it's magic is in its relative isolation from the real world.

From the North
Once you reach The Outer Banks, Highway 12 is your only option. This scenic route is the means of road transportation between Nagshead and Hatteras Village. You'll drive for miles with the ocean on your left and the sound on your right. Along the way, you'll pass two different lighthouses and a series of small seaside towns that will provide you with opportunities for shopping and dining. Then, in Hatteras Village, you'll board a ferry to Ocracoke Island where you'll again proceed south on Highway 12 into Ocracoke.

From The South
Your route to Ocracoke will include either the Cedar Island or the Swan Quarter Ferry. Each is a bit longer than a two hour ride, and they makes for a lovely approach to The Island.
As the time for your departure draws near, we'll be happy to help you to design your individualized travel itinerary, and we'll also provide you with lots of tips for our favorite stops along the way.

More Information
This website provides a good variety of facts and links, and it includes information about air travel too. 
When should I plan to arrive and depart?
As we've mentioned, while travel to Ocracoke is an amazing journey, the road trip is a long one. This is true even if you're planning to fly to a regional airport.

Whether driving or flying, if your schedule permits, we highly recommend adding a day or two to the beginning and end of your trip. We promise that you'll be glad that you did, as you'll be less rushed and more inclined to enjoy all that there is to see along the way. We'll share more details with you, including places to stay and things to do, as the date for your travel draws near. Before then, if you'd like to chat with us personally, please email your phone number and the best time for a call to us at .

Who will be teaching and what classes will be offered?
Jodi Ohl and Jean Skipper, the founders of ReMe, will be teaching in Ocracoke.

Will I be able to select the classes that I want to take?

As a guest of ReMe, you'll automatically be enrolled in all classes, open studios, and special events. Each class is designed for all proficiency levels, and our low student to staff ratio will ensure plenty of individualized attention.  

Will there be time at ReMe for Rest and Relaxation?

Absolutely! We've worked hard to ensure a balanced mix of activities and relaxation for our guests. Classes will be broken into manageable  segments with breaks between each. You'll also find several optional activities in our itinerary. While we'd love for you to participate with us, if a nap is calling, we'll completely understand.

How many guests will be in attendance?
There will be a maximum of 10 guests and three staff members at each ReMe on Ocracoke Island. With such limited availability, we expect a full house. Reservations will be accepted as they are received, and we encourage you to save your space by using the Paypal Button at the top of this page. (Please note that the Paypal Button will only appear if space is available for this ReMe Experience.  If you'd like to be added to our wait list for a particular ReMe Retreat, please email us at  If you'd like to be among the first to receive information about new ReMe Experiences, please subscribe to our email list using the link on the left side of this page.) 

What’s included in the price of the ReMe Experience on Ocracoke?
ReMe - Ocracoke is as all inclusive as we could possibly make it!  We strive to exceed your wildest expectations by anticipating your every need. As one ReMe Retreat Attendee puts it, "ReMe has put the 'Retreat' back in 'Art Retreats.' "

Delectable scents will surround you as we prepare your morning muffins and fresh baked afternoon cookies.  Homemade lunches and dinners will be served family style in our country kitchen, and an
informal breakfast service will be provided in the dining room.  Coffee, tea, spa water, and snacks will also be readily available throughout your visit.
With three meals a day, snacks, coffee, tea, spa waters, and daily drinks…we’ve got you covered!  You’ll also find a nice selection of food, beverages, gourmet treats, and restaurants on Ocracoke Island.
Oh my…do we have shelter for you!  Our ReMe Retreat will be held in a Historic Inn on Ocracoke Island.  While you won’t find sleep number beds, a pool, hot tub, or a lounge in the lobby here, you will find more character than you can possibly imagine.
From the player piano in the living room to the private library; from the claw foot tub on the porch to the vast collection of hand stitched samplers on display; from the private sound-side beach to the hammock under the live oak trees in the yard…where do we begin?!?
Each guest will share a bedroom with one other guest.  Three of our guest bedrooms contain two twin beds; and one contains a double bed.  Room selection will be based on availability at the time of your reservation, and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your requests.

One full bathroom on each floor of The Inn will be available for your use, and you’ll also have access to the largest private outdoor shower and changing room that we’ve ever seen.  (Did we mention the claw foot tub on the porch?!?)  Sheets and towels will be provided, and in the living areas we’ll share our personal collection of snuggly blankets, quilts, and afghans with you too.
 Your rocking chair awaits!

Please note,  as you may have guessed this beloved historic inn does not have air-conditioning, but does have an abundance of windows, a soothing breeze from the sound, and at least one fan per person in each room.  If you are 'hot' natured, you may want to bring a personal fan.  While the temperatures in May are usually delightful in North Carolina, we can from time to time experience a wide variance from cold to hot and back again on a daily basis.  Dressing in layers is usually recommended.     

Clothing? caught us...while we won’t actually be providing the clothes on your back during your visit, we have been discussing the possibility of designing a few pieces of ReMe Wear.  (We'll update you as we move forward with this.)  We also have oodles of other surprises in store for you.  Mum’s the word for now, and in the mean time, we hope that you enjoy every minute of the anticipation.
What about classes and supplies?
You’re going to love our classes!  We’ll provide you with your own creative space for the duration of your visit.   A cheery sun room will serve as our private classroom for the week, and demonstrations will take place between it and the attached dining room. Once you settle into your workspace, you won’t need to relocate again for the remainder of our time together.
During ReMe, your instructors will include Jodi Ohl and Jean Skipper.    You’ll receive three full days formal class time, and daily open studio sessions will also be available.  We’ll have plenty of tools and supplies to share, and we encourage you to bring your own favorites with you too.    
All class costs and kit costs are included in the price of ReMe.  If your heart desires, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase supplies and original artwork from our on site ReMe Store.  We admit that we LOVE our art supplies and vintage finds; we admit that our individual collections have grown to gigantic proportions; and we admit that we’re looking forward to sharing our treasures with you in the classroom and in our ReMe Store.  Instead of a limited one-time artists’ market, our store will remain open and available to you throughout your visit.

By The Numbers...

Our Conservative Estimate of All That's Included In Your ReMe Retreat
DescriptionQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
5 Days and 4 Nights on Beautiful Ocraoke Island4 $    120.00 $     480.00
5 Breakfasts5 $      12.00 $       60.00
4 Lunches + Lunch To Go at Departure5 $         20.00 $          100.00
5 Dinners5 $      28.00 $     140.00
Snack Service Throughout4 $         8.00 $       32.00
Coffee and Tea Service Throughout 4 $      10.00 $       40.00
Bottled Water and Spa Water4 $         5.00 $       20.00
Afternoon Drinks5 $      12.00 $          60.00
Opening Night Arty Party Festivities1 $      25.00 $       25.00
Collaborative Class Time1 $    200.00 $     200.00
Class Time with Jodi Ohl1 $    200.00 $     200.00
Class Time with Jean Skipper1 $    200.00 $     200.00
Kit Fee - Collaborative Class1 $      75.00 $       75.00
Kit Fee - Jodi Ohl1 $      40.00 $       40.00
Kit Fee - Jean Skipper1 $      40.00 $       40.00
Open Studio Time - At Least Five Hours5 $      20.00 $     100.00
Entertainment, Group Activities, Surprises, and SWAG $200.00 $200.00
Being Embraced by                                    The Community of OcracokePriceless Priceless! 
The Sand In Your ToesPriceless Priceless! 
The Sun On Your FacePriceless Priceless! 
The Companionship of 11 Wonderful WomenPriceless Priceless! 
Memories That Will Last A Lifetime!Priceless Priceless! 
Total Estimated Value $ 2,026.00
The total cost of ReMe Retreat - Ocracoke - 2018   April 30th - May 5th
will include all of the above, and it will be $1,699.00.  $249.00 will secure your spot, and your may pay your balance at any time or we'll be happy to discuss payment options with you.  This ReMe Retreat has reached capacity.  Please email ReMe@ReMe to be added to the wait list for this experience. 

A friend and I would like to attend together. Can we share the same room?
Room selection will be based on availability at the time of your reservation, and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your request. As we're limited to such a small number of guests, when registration is open, we encourage you to save your space by using the Paypal Button in the left hand column of this page.

What will I need to bring?
You could literally arrive at ReMe Ocracoke with the clothes on your back and you'd probably be just fine. Having said that, a few extra outfits and some pajamas will probably serve you well too!

Even though we've designed ReMe Ocracoke to be as all inclusive as possible, we also encourage you to bring any of the favorites that you just can't live without. This may include tools, supplies, snacks, beverages, and even your special blankie. As our departure date draws near, we'll provide you with a comprehensive packing list for your convenience.

Can you accommodate meals for a vegetarian?
Absolutely! Jean's a vegetarian, so you'll be in good company.

Can you accommodate my gluten free diet?
Yes we can!  While our cooking utensils are used communally, if you'll discuss your preferences with us, we'll be happy to provide you with gluten free options.

Can you accommodate my food allergy?
Please understand that your health and well being are our primary concern. Because we'll be sharing The Inn's country kitchen and cookware, we aren't able to offer meal plans for specific food allergies. If you'd like to discuss your particular situation, please contact us .

Will you offer smoking accommodations?
Our inn is a nonsmoking facility, and guests are not permitted to smoke indoors. An outdoor area has been designated for our guests who smoke.

I’m not able to make the retreats in 2017. Will additional ReMe Experiences be held in other locations?
Possibly.  Our long term dream for ReMe is one of managed growth in North Carolina.  While we're actively seeking opportunities that will allow us to accommodate additional guests, we'll also strive to preserve the intimate nature of each event.

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Why ReMe?
ReMe is a mixed media art retreat and so much more. It's a...


If you're seeking to participate in classes at a mixed media art retreat, and you're also hoping for something more... more intimate, more inclusive, more inspirational...then you're going to LOVE ReMe!

When will ReMe Retreats, Ocracoke be held?
The dates for our ReMe Retreats - Ocracoke 2018 are April 30th-May 1st.

To be among the first to learn about future events and other ReMe News, please register for our mailing list using the link on the left side of this page.

For all of our ReMe Experiences, your first payment to ReMe Retreats, will secure your space, and preferences for all options for each ReMe Experiene will be assigned in the order that reservations are received.

We offer flexible payment options during open registration, which ends when all spaces are filled.  After registering, you may pay your balance in full at any time by contacting us at the email listed below.  If you’d like to request an alternative payment plan, we'll be happy to discuss other options with you.  Please contact us at with your request.

Due to the expenses that are involved in planning a ReMe Retreat, from a business perspective we find it necessary to have a formal cancellation policy.  W
e understand that life can happen unexpectedly, and our goal is to never make my money off of your personal challenges.  If you find yourself in a position where you need to cancel your attendance at a ReMe Retreat, please contact us as early as possible, and we'll do everything that we can to help you to minimize the financial impact of your cancellation.  

Within seven days of your registration, you may cancel your reservation, and 100% of your deposit, less a $150 administrative cost, will be refunded.

After seven days of your registration, and before sixty days of the beginning of your ReMe Experience, if you cancel your reservation, a $150 administrative cost will be assessed, and 50% of your remaining deposit will be refunded.

Within sixty days of the beginning of your ReMe Retreat, if you cancel your reservation, you will forfeit 100% of your deposit.

Please contact us anytime at with your questions regarding payments and refunds.

To be among the first to learn about future events, and other ReMe News, please register for our mailing list using the link on the bottom  of this page.

I have a question that’s not addressed here. How shall I contact you?

Please contact us anytime at . If you'd prefer to speak by phone, please also include your telephone number and the best time for us to call you.


  1. Do you have any winter retreats?

  2. Hello Rhonda! I just happened to re-read your comment today, and I thought that I'd post a response. We'll be adding an annual ReMe Winter Break Mini-Retreat beginning in 2018. It will take place on Presidents Day Weekend here in our studio in The Sandhills, and details are being confirmed right now. If you'd like to receive more information as things develop, please subscribe to our ReMe Mailing List using the link at the top left side of this page, or follow us on Facebook. Thanks again for your interest and your comment! <3


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