Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome to ReMe Retreats!

Welcome to the online home of ReMe Retreats!   We’re so happy that you’ve decided to visit us here. 

Whether you joined us at one of our Inaugural ReMe Retreats in 2014, or you’re browsing with an eye toward a 2015 ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island, this website will provide you with a wealth of information to help you make your decision.  

Rest.  Relax. Renew...during your ReMe Retreat!
Below you’ll find a series of posts that describe the experience of our first ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island from the perspective of our founders.  In each, you’ll discover lots of photos, as well as links to descriptions that a few of our inaugural guests provided.

At the top of this page, you’ll find links to related pages that will provide you with the official scoop on ReMe Retreats in general, and specifically about our 2015 Retreats.

ReMe Class of May 2014

Updated Notice--Our 2015 Retreats are now open for reservation!

To Our ReMe Blog Readers, New Friends and ReMe Insiders:

Thank you. Thank You! THANK YOU!!!

We dreamed big…we planned…we strategized…and we worked like crazy to introduce our vision of ReMe to the world.  Now, with two ReMarkable ReMe Retreats behind us in 2014, we're thrilled to share our plans for 2015 with you.

While we're enthusiastic about expanding ReMe so that we can reach a greater number of creative spirits, after much consideration, we've decided that slow, managed growth is the way to go for us.  This will ensure that each of our ReMe Experiences will provided the intimate environment and individualized attention that you've come to expect from us.  With that in mind, the specifics of our 
 ReMe Experiences for 2015 follow:

SOLD OUT - ReMe Retreat – Ocracoke – May 2015: May 4th –May 9th

ReMe Retreat – Ocracoke – October 2015: October 19th – October 24th (Several Guest Spaces Remain as of 1/5/2015)

Given the attention that we’ve been receiving, we anticipate that remaining spaces will fill quickly. If you'd like to reserve your space in one or more of our 2015 ReMe Retreats, simply click on one the deposit buttons on the left sidebar of this post. Note-if you are using a mobile device it may be easier to log in on a pc or laptop to reserve your spot. 

As a reminder, the all inclusive price of each 2015 ReMe Retreat will be $1699; and full details about this cost and our ReMe Retreats are available by clicking this link.  As always, we’ll be happy to break this amount into a series of payments for you when you make your reservation.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done to support ReMe Retreats!

With Much Love,
Jean, Jodi, and Penny