Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Adventures of ReMe

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I had to double check my calendar, make that triple check my calendar and see if it was accurate...could it really be almost a month or so since I last posted on my blog?  These last few weeks have been full of  creating...I mean TONS of creating,  adventures on a remote island (Ocracoke) with our May 2015 ReMe class, and several other projects in the works that will be unveiled over the next few weeks.  

This month more than ever has taught me a huge lesson:  one  needs to expect the unexpected in all possible ways because it all can happen in a blink of an eye.   Our small ReMe family of hosts has had it's share of life trials over the last 2 months, so for it all to come together as  seemingly flawless as it did, is nothing short of incredible.   Penny, Jean, and I dealt with loss of close loved ones,  health issues, injuries,  parents with rapidly declining health, caretakers with issues, work demands with deadlines shortened...and more..much much more prior to the event, during the event, and right after the event.   Anyone of these life obstacles could have throttled our retreat,  but we knew this was bigger than ourselves or our personal crisis's, we were called to create ReMe and it would carry on this time around guided by our faith and determination, and of course later on once the guests arrived--they fueled the already burning fire with love, kindness, generosity towards all, and tons of laughter (laughter we decided was indeed, the best healing medicine of all).

With all that said,  ReMe's mission is to facilitate one's recharging of your soul. Rest, Relax, Renew is our mantra and at the core of what we teach, and provide to our guests.  Whatever is going on behind our own life scenes, it did not take away from the magic we saw develop with every minute of the week as it progressed with our guests.

We saw returning guests reconnect and new guests find their voice in the group  while peeling back their layers and develop new friendships with all.   It's always a bit scary doing something new and unknown, yet when we open ourselves and up, very often  the winds carry us through each moment like wings.  That sense of release also opens us up to  allow the gifts of the journey to present themselves to us all.

With hundreds of pictures taken over the week,  I will share more as time goes on.     Today I just wanted to give you a sprinkling of the pre-arrival shots and part of the first full day. With the day beginning as early as 5:30 am  for me and ending at 1:00 am after everyone was tucked in at night, you can be sure there was lots going on in between those hours!!   

The stage is all set...we were just waiting for the first car to pull up and the sound of happiness to fill the air.

Looks like we are missing a couple of peeps from this picture but had to share anyway--our first night was a grand fiesta of Mexican treats from Eduardo's on the island....can you believe he hand delivered all this gorgeous food on the festive platters?? Now that's delivery service at it's best!

I think you can tell by the smiles...there was lots of fun already being had by all..it was just the beginning of an awesome week at ReMe.

Our first full day of classes began with my workshop,  "Dirty Flirty Birds" ...and oh my, did these girls rock it out!  The work was fantastic and a fun day was had by all!
 We couldn't have asked for better weather on Ocracoke despite the looming storm out at sea, we had a grand week full of sunshine and moderate temperatures.  Perfect weather to have the window screens open and create with the whispers of the water lapping in the sound outside our backyard.

Details details....students lost in their own creative process--it was incredible to see their compositions come to life with every brush strokes.   We all were so proud of each other and had a great time designing our own "Dirty Flirty Bird" creatures.

While this is just the tip of the iceberg  for our ReMe adventures.  With out a doubt, there were surprises and island gifts at every juncture.  
  I hope you could get a taste for the wonderment we experienced through out the week.

I have gained such knowledge over the last year since we started ReMe, and this event is no exception.   One big life lesson I've learned through my own experience and that of others,  is that there are times when the mountain seems insurmountable,  the obstacles too  hard and the road too long to navigate, but you will never know your own strength or courage unless you are tested and begin to tackle all the life handles you with grace and faith that you have what it takes to face what's next, as long as you don't look too far ahead and just greet each moment as it comes at you.

A big thank you to our house Mother, Theresa who has volunteered her services to us the last 2 years by coming down from Pennsylvania to help us in numerous ways over the week.  Her support has been invaluable, her sense of humor and way of making everyone feel at ease has been the the exact ingredient needed to make May 2015 ReMe as special as it was.

Last but not least, thank you to all of our guests...for without you, we are merely a dream.  With you, we are bigger than words can say.  Our connections have turned friends,  old and new into something more---we are now forever, family.

And that is just a part of what ReMe is to us.

In Memory of Kevin Arrowood,  beloved husband of ReMe co-founder, Penny Arrowood who passed away unexpectedly prior to ReMe.

In Memory of Mary Kessler,  beloved Mother of ReMe co founder, Jean Skipper, who passed away after an extended illness, just  days after ReMe May 2015.

Our ReMe family is  deeply saddened and forever changed by the loss of  Kevin and Mary. On behalf of Penny and Jean, thank you all for the love, support and prayers you  have all sent.  We all can feel the power of such faith  guiding us through the this difficult time.


To join us for our October 2015 ReMe, please check out the left sidebar of the ReMe Blog.  We have only a few spaces left.  Be a part of the magic this year, too and join us on the adventure!