Friday, March 4, 2016

You Meet Extraordinary People When You Actually Listen.....

With our next ReMe Retreat coming up in just a few more weeks,  one of the most remarkable and extraordinary outcomes of our time together, is discovering  many of the hidden layers and fascinating stories each of our guests so bravely and openly shares as we all get to know one another.

 As Celeste mentions in her Ted Talk,  expect to be amazed when you are talking to someone and you will not be disappointed.  We've found at ReMe that statement couldn't be more true.  

Over the course of our  last several retreats,  we have been in the company of fascinating and talented  women!  Some of our common ties start off with the love of art, creativity, as well as  enjoying the company of other souls-but we also come away learning that even with such varied backgrounds,  we all have many, many other mutual experiences that bind us together.

We are proud to encourage (and hopefully nourish) this opening of our hearts and minds to others during our retreats.  We set aside time to not just be creative, but to enjoy real life company of  amazing human beings each and every day of our retreat.   Learning about each and making life long friends is the most cherished experience we all end up having during a ReMe retreat.

Take a few minutes to listen to this talk and see how you can have better conversations  and let people in your life by first and foremost, by being present, too.
Celeste Hadlee -10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

ReMe Friends--While our May event is sold out,  stay tuned for some exciting news coming soon!!!

We've been teasing you for awhile and appreciate your patience...the time will be here very shortly when we can make our next big announcement!!! :)))

Until Next Time,
Jodi and Jean