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Looking Back with Love: Penny's Recollections of ReMe Ocracoke October '14

As the month of February gives way to March, and we come one step closer to our 2nd year of ReMe Retreats on Ocracoke Island, I wanted to take a few moments to share some of my own favorite bits and pieces from our event, this past October.

First Sunset
as captured Monday, October 20, 2014

1st Group Shot
Debbie captures the group, as I capture it all

We welcomed our 2nd group of ReMe Sisters on a stunning October afternoon.  As the house filled with lovelies and their luggage, the laughter rolled in exponentially!  By the time we gathered on our sound-front beach to ogle the sunset, we were well on our way to another week of wonderments!   Tours conducted, a brief orientation, and an evening of creativity and snacks -- we were officially underway.  As early as the first night, the magic of the island was evident:  music drifted through the house along with the strains of laughter and refrains of "OH!  Me, too!"

Smiles All Around
The Class of ReMe Ocracoke, October '14 midweek, they look as if they've known each other for years

Our amazing guests fully embraced our class offerings, and their delight with each creation was a gift unto itself.  Painting sessions with Jodi yielded a bevy of beautiful abstracts and a colony of vibrant and whimsical lighthouses.  In their time with me, our courageous students completed two different book designs and made great strides in creating content for their new journals.  In their classes with Jean, they not only grabbed the brass rings they texturized, etched, and further embellished them, creating multiple pieces of wearable art!

Painting with Jodi
(l - r) Patti P and Victoria F, Jodi in action, Lorie G, Lynn O, Beth B. Zoe N, and Jodi

Metalwork with Jean
(clockwise from upper left) Victoria F., Kim C., and Jean - Jean's Treasures - Lynn O - Lorie G. in action - Brass Rings
Circle of Friends
Little Leather Booklaces from their class with yours truly

Journal Happy
Patti P. was one of many merry sew and sews
during my Long, Tall Book of Days class
Beyond the hands-on learning/creative aspect of our Retreats, we have dedicated time to appreciate the people and the place that make our beloved flagship events so unique.  We welcome special, local guests to evenings at the Inn with us; we are hosted by local friends and businesses for precious evenings of extended hours with wine and cheese.  From a visit to the beach to collect found objects and natural treasures for use in their classes, to outings to local landmarks (The Ocracoke Lighthouse, The Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum, and Springer's Point), our guests aren't merely at a place for the week we are together, they are of that place -- fully immersed in the stories, traditions, and rhythms of where we are.  Sound like a dream?   It's all too real!

Panoramic View
Our trip to the beach was under dramatic skies

Amy Howard
Storyteller, Artist, and Administrator, Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum

(clockwise from upper left) Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum, a view from the back yard,
The Ocracoke Lighthouse, historical quilt, and a kitchen vignette at the Museum

A Visit with Miss Della
(top to bottom) Jodi, Victoria F., Zoe N., Debbie, and Lorie G -- Happy Shoppers
Miss Della -- Queen of the Fig Cake and Purveyor of fine Fig Preserves and Syrup
Miss Della's green thumb on  display
Lovely Leslie Lanier
Bookseller Extraordinaire and Hostess with the MOSTest!

That is the very reason we say that ReMe is more than a Retreat -- It's a Remarkable, Extraordinary, Memorable Experience!  It is true for our beloved guests as much as it is true for each of us.  Throughout the times between these magical gatherings, our thoughts return again and again to the treasure trove of incredible memories that we share of the special time spent with the amazing women who have become a part of our living dream:  ReMe Retreats.

Final Sunset
as captured Friday, October 24, 2014

With immense thanks for all that was 2014, and great excitement for 2015 and beyond,

One Last Look
With 2014 in the rearview, Jean, Jodi, Theresa, Debbie, and I look forward
to all that 2015 *and beyond* holds for ReMe Retreats.
We hope to see you soon!

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