Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jodi's Memories of ReMe October 2014

Oh gosh you guys, it was really hard to follow up Jean's post from last week--she captured the essence of ReMe so well! Her recollection  truly put tears in my eyes as I looked back and remembered each and every one of our tender moments, and there were many.

  Here's a little look back of my own with some narration via a short video blog.  (I hope you can hear it--if not, you may need headphones! :)

Just as I said in my closing,  thank you to all of our guests from 2014--you made our inaugural year so out of this world.  It was more incredible then we could have every expected.   Behind the scenes we've been working for several years to put all of our ideas into practice, so to birth this 'baby' with all of you, just warms our heart and feeds our soul more than you can imagine.

Here's to 2015, we look forward to new memories and reuniting with old friends along with making new friends.

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  1. Awww, such a sweet video of memories! Wishing I could come there again this year! You, Jodi, along with Penny, Jean, and Debbie made it a wonderful week! Such a fun group of gals were there, I will miss seeing them, too! I know you'll have an amazing 2015!


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