Friday, March 20, 2015

Friends of ReMe -- OR -- Our *not so* Super, Secret Weapons of Mass Hospitality

Greetings, hale and hearty readers!  Welcome to the 1st day of Spring!  Penny here; I was remiss in my last posting in not mentioning one of my MOST favorite things about the wonder that is ReMe.  It occurred to me, after the fact, that it is "favorite" enough to deserve its own post!  Without further ado, I give you the splendiferous, the amazing, the incredible, the heart-rendingly generous, and  tantalizingly-mind-blowing Den Mothers!

Debbie Keen - Mother October & Theresa Zurku - Mother May
...the planets aligned last October, and our Den Mothers met on the beach!
It has been said that "it takes a village..."  If your village is fortunate enough to have two dynamos such as these, you are very fortunate indeed!  Beyond being blessed with the friendship of these lovely ladies for years before we entered into business together Jean, Jodi, and I are doubly blessed by having these dear friends supporting our efforts in a most 'hands-on' manner!  They are both incredibly endowed with huge hearts, quick minds, and a shared willingness to go the extra mile to bring the dream of ReMe to its abundant reality.  ...and we are so lucky to have them!

Our Wonder Women
(clockwise from upper left)
Theresa Zurku, Debbie Keen,
Theresa & Jean, Penny & Debbie, and Jodi & Theresa

From the Kitchen to the Classroom, and all points in between, I am convinced that what we do would be severely diminished were it not for the incredible gifts that each of these women bring to our bountiful table.  They have embraced our vision with enthusiasm, brought their own unique touches to the offerings of each season, and are ever at the ready to do more - help more - dream more to the betterment of all concerned.

Rest assured that if your plans include being a part of ReMe, you will experience the wonderment of our Den Mothers first hand!  From your arrival to your departure, you will be well attended to in the finest manner. 

Until next time,

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