Monday, February 17, 2014

The ReMe Blog Hop -- Week 2 Winners!

Thank you to all who visited us over the weekend to share your stories on your favorite ways and places for Relaxation!  I am tickled to announce the results of the most scientifically conducted drawing for our winners!

The winner from my personal blog entrants, as chosen by my incredible assistant Wito the Wonder Dog, is Lynn.  Lynn will receive an Arrowood Paper Arts FolioBook!  Congratulations, and thanks!

Winner:  Lynn

From here on the ReMe blog, our winner is Brittany!  WOW!  Congratulations on your win, for two weeks in a row!  Brittany will receive my original mixed media canvas "Pieces of the Sky:  Green II - Relax"

Pieces of the Sky:  Green II - Relax
Winner:  Brittany
.,..and for all you inquiring minds, this is how it was done!  I am lucky to have such a willing (aka biscuit loving) assistant in Wito (My Girl Friday).

As an additional token of my thanks for your support of our 1st Blog Hop, any participants who send me their mailing addresses TODAY (by midnight, 02/17 EST) will receive a little hand-made goodie, too!

Please join us again, this Friday (02/21), as Jodi shares her stories of what Renew means in her day-to-day life as well as how that happens for her in our beloved Ocracoke.  She will have all the details of her giveaways available then.  (Visit/bookmark Jodi's blog)

We have MORE surprises and BIG news coming on the fourth of our Fridays in February (02/28) -- we'll look forward to seeing you, here!  You won't want to miss a minute of what's coming!

Wishing you a wonderful week -- may you find a little time to treat yourself to a bit of Relaxation!

For all of us here at ReMe Retreats,
 - Penny


  1. Wito is both beautiful and talented!

  2. You are fabulous, Wito. I like your Penny, too.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I love, love, LOVE Wito! What a sweetheart. Give her a kiss and hug from me for picking me as a winner! Thank you! <3

    1. Thankfully, I already have your address! Your winning piece is on the way -- and ALL of us here at ReMe thank YOU! I can't wait to meet you and your mom in May :) *and Wito send appreciative snuffles*
      - penny

  4. You must think me so ungrateful! I received the gorgeous folio in the mail today, was so shocked and I absolutely love it! Some how I missed the posting of the winners! I hadn't checked the "notify me" box! I've been a bit busy and distracted lately! Thank you so very much!!!


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