Friday, February 14, 2014

Let the Hopping Continue -- Welcome to Week 2 of The Great ReMe Blog Hop: Relax

Greetings!  Thank you for joining in the fun of the 1st Ever ReMe Blog Hop!  Penny Arrowood here for Week 2 of our journey through how the ReMe Motto:  Rest - Relax - Renew applies to our everyday lives.

For me, even before I arrive in Ocracoke, the relaxing begins!  It awakens in the knowledge that I am approaching my destination, and it sets in in earnest once I am on the ferry from Hatteras.  The low, steady hum of the engines, as it churns across the water, provides a bass-line to the rhythm that will suffuse the days to come.  Standing in the open air on deck is a balm to frazzled nerves.  Arrival on the Island and departure from the ferry marks a time change that doesn’t appear on any clock/chart.  …as if the cares of the mainland drift away on the sea breeze…  The drive down Hwy 12 is like a meditation – preparing the mind and spirit for the detachment that comes from ‘getting away.’ 

"C'mon baby drive south..."
I think John Hiatt was on to something

Ocracoke is described by many as a magical destination, and I can think of none more apt.  It seems borne of the purpose to ease the weary:  the friendly people, the myriad options for play, the special wonder of a seaside locale…  Regardless the amount of time you have to spend, one can find as much or as little to do as suits!  Our historical lodgings for ReMe-Ocracoke only add to the magic of the island itself:  the legacy of the place, the wide front porch with its many rockers, the hand wrought samplers adorning the walls, the reassuring comfort of a banister worn smooth by a century of hands, the numerous nooks to tuck into for a moment of reflection…  It’s the perfect place to Relax.

Simple Pleasures
I enjoy getting out & about as much as I do hunkering down when I get to spend time in Ocracoke.  There are numerous options for shopping, eating, drinking, and exploring (my personal faves can be found by following the links for each activity) – photographic opportunities abound.  It is a fabulous place to enjoy both with friends, or on your own *or with that special someone – nudge, nudge; wink, wink*  Being  a slender, finger of an island, one is never far from either the sound or the sea – bordered as it is by the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  That fact only adds to the magic, and is most likely the reason that sunsets in Ocracoke are like front row tickets to a Watercolor Light Show every evening – providing the perfect opportunity to relax and reflect on the wonders of the day.

A Handful of Sunsets
As much as I enjoy getting lost in a good book at home, it is doubly enjoyable amidst the sun, sea, and breeze of Ocracoke.  Whether lounging by the ocean, or settling into a comfy rocking chair, reading is the perfect way to unplug and enjoy being adrift in this alternate time zone.

For all of these reasons and more Jean, Jodi, and I are beyond excited about our upcoming offerings in Ocracoke!  We have SO much in store for our Guests at ReMe Retreats – and while May of 2014 is full, there are a couple of spots remaining in October.  We revel in the knowledge that we will be adding to the magic of the location as we Rest, Relax, and Renew with you!

Ocracoke Treasures

So, how do you Relax?  What might be your favorite way to Relax in Ocracoke?  Do you have a “go-to” haven that is your perfect place to Relax?  Share it with us in a comment here, and you will be entered to win an original work of art by yours truly!  Our Week 2 Winner will receive “Green #2 – Relax” from my Pieces of the Sky series.   If you share this post via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and leave a separate comment telling us how & where you spread the word, you will earn additional entry(ies) into this weeks drawing.  The Winner will be announced right here on Monday, February 17th at Noon o’clock!

Pieces of the Sky:  Green II - Relax

Don’t forget to join us again, next Friday (February 21st), for Jodi’s post:  Renew.  More to see, learn, and enjoy about our inaugural destination – and another chance to win more ART!

 - penny

Currently Available Event(s):

ReMe – Ocracoke Fall 2014
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  1. I must confess to never having been to Ocracoke. Your description of the ferry ride and the island itself remind me of one of my favorite places on Earth, which is Martha's Vineyard. It too has that magical quality you describe; that feeling of being "away," whether you're there for just an overnight, or a much longer stay. I wish you, Jodi and Jean much success with your new venture!

    1. OH, Michelle! We must go :) It is a wonderful run-away! ...I have never been to your favorite place (?) It is on my bucket list, tho'!
      Thanks so much for your good wishes.

  2. Besides my studio and home, my perfect place to relax is going to Art Retreats with my mom, no matter what location! It's nice to get away and explore new places and learn new techniques!

    1. That's a GREAT travel plan, Brittany! I am SO glad that you two will be with us in May -- wow, after all the waiting, it will be that time in no time. See you, SOON!

  3. I just want to sit in the sand and watch the waves.

    1. Ahhh... and feel the wind, and hear the sea...
      I think we'll have you covered, Lorie!

  4. Ocracoke is lovely! I relax by getting in the zone and making. Good or bad, making is the best stress reliever.

    1. True enough, Elizabeth!
      There will be PLENTY of making taking place in May & October here in Ocracoke :)

  5. This may be cheating, but my go-to for relaxation is Nanakuli Beach on O'ahu. Yes, living here affords us the opportunity to go to many beaches, but Nanakuli is mostly locals and is far enough away from Waikiki to be quiet and less crowded. Listening to the waves and watching the kids jump off the rocks or boogie board is so relaxing it sometimes lulls me into a nap. A dip in the cold Pacific wakes me up once it's time to roll over and tan the other side. :-)

  6. hmmm... For some reason, I cannot "Reply" to your comment, Kevin (?) SO, we'll just add another! Thanks so much for hopping in! I have never been to Hawaii, and can only imagine the beauty of the beaches there (I visit vicariously via your photos on Facebook!). The song of the sea is a Universal Language, tho' *I think!*


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