Friday, February 7, 2014

Rest. Relax. Renew. The First Ever ReMe Blog Hop!
Jean Skipper, ReMe Instructor and the author
of this post, at her windblown rested best
on Ocracoke. 
As a visitor to this magical place, the concept of "Rest" on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina is unlike anything that I've ever experienced.  No matter how un-rested I am in my own real life, somehow on my way to Ocracoke, my cares seem to melt away. 

If I'm approaching from the Northern Outer Banks, it begins when my wheels hit Highway 12 in Whalebone Junction.  This two-lane scenic byway is bordered by the dunes and the Atlantic Ocean on the left; and the marsh, maritime forest, and sound on the right.  Amidst the miles of unobstructed seaside beauty; quaint villages, lighthouses, and historic attractions appear and beg for attention.  Some of my favorite galleries and boutiques are tucked almost strategically along the way, and each one of them has become an integral part of my escape from reality.

Whether I'm driving to Ocracoke from the North or South, my final approach to The Island itself will be by ferry.  As the ferry departs the dock, my remaining cares seem to be be soothed by the wind and water.  My first sandy steps on Ocracoke confirm that I'm already feeling more Rested than I was at the beginning of my journey.

Our Soundside Glimpse of The Ferry.
In our own sound side hammock, on a blanket on the beach, or tucked under the covers at night, I sleep like a baby on Ocracoke.  And Rest here seems to extend itself beside the obviousness of sleep.  It's infused in everything that I do.  I'm on Island Time, and my pace reflects this.  I speak a bit more slowly. (For me, this is nothing short of amazing!)  I take time to linger along the way; and I seem appreciate every moment just a little bit more. 

Your rocking chair awaits!

On Ocracoke life seems to pass more quickly and more slowly at the same time, and I find myself feeling Rested and energized in exactly the same moments.  Being on Ocracoke soothes my soul, and leaves me feeling Rested with a sublime sense of well being that's hard to describe in words.  Some call it an Ocracoma; I call it my own little piece of heaven on earth, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you at ReMe.

A Restful Walk Among The Live Oaks at Springers Point.
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Now that I'm feeling Rested among my happy memories of time on Ocracoke, on to the details of The ReMe Blog Hop!   For now, please tell us your favorite place or way to Rest away from home.  Your comment below will earn one entry in this Monday's prize drawing, and if you share this post and provide us with the details below, you'll earn a second entry too. 

Monday's drawing here will provide one lucky winner with an original "Rest.  Relax.  Renew."  necklace created by Jean Skipper.  To preserve just a bit of the surprise, a photo of the finished piece will be debuted over the weekend on our Facebook Page.  Please stay tuned.

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  1. I own a little hobby farm (28 acres) where I grew up, but I don't live there (at least not yet). I think that is my favorite place to relax. It has some beautiful views and woods and lots of wildlife. I am looking forward to experiencing Ocracoke with all of you!

  2. My husband's and my dream is to have a place of our own on the OBX. It is heaven on earth. I would love to join all of you for this retreat!

  3. My favorite place to relax has always been at the beach. I grew up on Long Island, so I was always near the water. There is something magical about the sea to me, the sound of the waves crashing on shore, the smell of the salt in the air, the gulls circling overhead, it just releases whatever is stressing me and puts me in a relaxed and rejuvenated mood. It would be a dream come true to be able to participate in this retreat at this beautiful place.

  4. I shared Jean's blog post on Facebook!

  5. My favorite place to relax is our dream home that we built three years ago in Southold on the Long Island Sound. When we bought the little cottage 16 years ago we had dreamt of the house we now have that could handle our four children, and now our three grand children, like a champ.The sun sets out side our windows over the sea and i paint there in my little piece of this world. HOME.

  6. I shared Jean's blog post on my Facebook newsfeed.

  7. It sounds like we all share a love of the sea and the places that touch our hearts. Your descriptions here really resonated with me. Lynn, Brittany, and Deborah, I'm already looking forward to seeing you on Ocracoke!


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