Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 10 - ReMe Retreats' Favorite Things - We Love It All!

Today we'll finish the "ReMe Retreats' Favorite Things - Art Supplies!" Series.  If you've been following these posts for the last ten days, it's apparent that Penny, Jodi, and Jean each has her own list of art supply favorites that are longer than their arms!  In the previous nine posts, they just began to scratch the surface, and they'll return to this topic again with a future list of favorites.
Having said that, each of them has expressed that one of the biggest benefits of creating with others is that magically, each participating artist seems to receive more than they give.  This is true among them as the founders of ReMe.  

Penny educates Jodi and Jean regarding the characteristics and possible uses that make each type of paper unique.  

Jodi shares the ways that she uses paints and mediums in her own work, and helps Penny and Jean to see the possibilities of them in theirs.  

And Jean waxes poetically about her love of all things metal and found object.  

Each of them also finds the same to be true of their treasured ReMe Guests, aka ReMe Sisters.  These talented women teach them so much from them as they're creating together!

It's interesting.  Although each of the favorite art supplies featured in these posts appear diametrically different at a glance, many of the words that Penny, Jodi, and Jean use to describe them are exactly the same.  Fluid, flexible, soft, hard, luscious, versatile, brilliant, subtle, and inspiring; are words that could be used to describe almost any of their favorites.


For your chance to win our Fabulous ReMe Favorites Prize Package, please post your answer to one or both of the questions below in the comments section.  You'll also earn an extra entry for each time you share this post on social media.  Just be sure to post a link to your share here for us to count your extra entries.  (All entries must be received by 12:00 Noon, EST, on September 4, 2015.)

What descriptive words would you use to describe your favorite art supplies?  

Why do you love to create with others?

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  1. descriptive words...exciting, delicious, lonely (they want new friends! ;) ), beloved, hope

    the reason i like to create with others is the same reason i like to talk to other expands my vision, excites me with different perspectives and always makes me more courageous.

    1. I agree, Ellie. As an artist, it's easy to isolate myself in my studio without giving it much thought. While I do need solo time, a balance between that and shared creative time is much better for my art and soul. <3

  2. Happy, Magical, Stimulating, enchanting, Electric, Intoxicating, Arousing, Tantalizing, kinetic, Provocative, Engrosing. These are my favorite words to describe my art supplies.

    1. These are great descriptive words for art supplies and life, Autumnleaf!

  3. Portal to a different realm where time flows differently and worry does not exist

    1. I'd love to visit your happy place, Ali! :-)


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