Monday, September 7, 2015

Congratulations to our "Favorite Things - Art Supplies" Giveaway Winners

First off, we would like to thank EVERYone who participated in our latest Blog Series:  "Our Favorite Things - Art Supplies!"  We had great fun sharing our Favorite Things, and enjoyed learning about some of yours.  We loved all of your comments, and appreciate your taking part.  Stay tuned, we have more creative sharing coming your way!

AND *drumroll, please...* we are tickled to offer our congratulations to our latest Winners!  We drew one name from among the entries from current and past ReMe Regisitered Attendees, and one from all other comments/shares.  The Winners are:  Audrie Prince (ReMe Guest, October '15), and Victoria Burgess (whom we hope to have with us at a future event)! Please contact us at: with your mailing info., and we'll have your sampling of some our favorite things on its way to you!

Audrie shares:  "I enjoy a good art store; not just a craft store. The art supplies challenge me because we all know about paper and pens but I like to look around, inspect closely, and find something that I know nothing about. A new challenge or toy helps me to expand my knowledge. It's loads of fun."

Victoria notes:  "Haven't tried the Catalyst tools yet but I have used silicon kitchen utensils for mark making. :)  It is very simple, but one of my go-to tools is bubble wrap. You can make marks in wet paint, molding paste or mediums as well as stencil with it. Plus, you can relieve stress by popping it too! LoL"

We're only SIX weeks away from our return to Ocracoke in October!  Make sure that you are subscribed to our Newsletter (link on left side of BLog home page) and have liked our Facebook page ( for all the latest news and fun updates from the land of ReMe.

We'll be seeing you here again, soon!


  1. Thank you Ladies for your generosity!


    1. Thank you for joining us here, Victoria! <3

  2. Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I just love surprises! Thank you thank you so much! Weeeee!

    1. We're so excited for you, Autumnleaf! :-)


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