Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Number 8 Reason That We're Looking Forward to Our October ReMe Retreat on Ocracoke Island...

Private Sunsets

As we mentioned yesterday, we love the big wide open beaches of Ocracoke.  We’re also absolutely smitten with our Private Soundfront Beach.  We’re drawn to that beach, only steps from our door, each evening at Sunset.  This tradition is definitely one of our favorites.

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     Where is your all time favorite place to watch The Sunset?

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There’s still time to join us on Ocracoke in October!
Please use the link on the left side of this page to register.
When the link disappears, we’re full to capacity.


  1. Mine is definitely right outside the Inn with all my ReMe Sisters!! ❤️

  2. The sunsets were out of this world! I'll never forget the one we had which turned the sky and bay into a shimmery silver...simply glorious!

  3. I can only imagine as I haven't been there yet, but all of your comments are a tease!

  4. I love to watch the sunsets here in the NC mountains with my boys; my human and dog boys. I think I'd like to try a sound sunset. The sun sets a bit lower there.

  5. Have to agree with the Brittany! Outside th Inn with all the ReMe sisters!

  6. Autumnleaf my dear, you are going to have the best time. We had storm threat and missed out on the boat ride, but our beach and collectibles were just wonderful. Don't forget to send me your travel arrangements if you want a VB day along the way up or down....

  7. Sunsets are magical anywhere you are!

  8. The best sunset that I ever witnessed was in Costa Rica over the Pacific coast, as a devil Ray jumped into the air and a small sail boat coasted by. It was magical.

  9. Lovely sunsets, fun ladies, wonderful artists.


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