Friday, June 19, 2015

ReMe - It's All About The Art!

The calm before the creative storm of ReMe!
When ReMe was just a twinkle in its founders' eyes, they set out to design an all-inclusive mixed media art retreat.  The three of them... Jodi, Penny, and Jean... joined forces because of their similarities and their differences.  At their core, each of them is big hearted and hard working; they love to create; and they have what appears to be a compulsive need to share their love of creating with others.  (What more do they need to have in common?!?)  As for their differences, one of the most apparent is the manner in which they express themselves through their art.

Jodi's Dirty Flirty Birds

Jodi Ohl loves to paint.  Yes, she's multi talented.  Collage, stamp carving, lettering, journaling, and more are all well within her areas of expertise.  Regardless of what Jodi creates, she does so in her very own big bright beautiful style.  From birds to hearts, from villages to abstracts, from sea creatures to pods, Jodi's enthusiasm is contagious in the classroom.

Penny's recent demo at Jerry's Artarama
Penny Arrowood loves all things paper.  Penny binds books, alters books, and knows more about paper itself than almost any person we can imagine.  Each piece of her finished work is a treasure and a testament to her love of her craft.  The precision with which she works is one of her greatest strengths, and it's absolutely amazing to watch her students flourish under her enthusiastic

A few pieces from Jean's collection.

Jean Skipper loves metal, found objects, and stuff in general; and she's obsessed with incorporating these materials into her sentimental
and whimsical jewelry and mixed media assemblages.  In the classroom, Jean thrives on translating metalsmithing techniques in a manner that relates to each students at his or her level of experience.

Begin with the diverse interests of ReMe's founders...

Add the enthusiastic wildly creative spirits of eight or nine guests from across the country...

Shake it up with a healthy dose of The Spirit of Ocracoke...

Then sit back and watch the ReMe Magic happen!



At ReMe, it's all about The Art.  

Or is it? 

Our guests, our ReMe Sisters, are really the most important part of each ReMe Retreat!

Of course, some of our Guests are more "special" than others!  ;-)


Please stay tuned, as our next post will share a bit more about our guests!

(Special thanks to Patty Sieck for allowing us to use this "special" photo of her!!!)

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