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Hello Everyone! My name is Jodi Ohl and I just have to say, I am so excited to be a part of ReMe Retreats on Ocracoke Island. It was  just 4 short  years ago that I was entering into my 10th year of banking, 15 years altogether of corporate management, when I decided to take a leap of faith to do what I love full time.
 Paint. Teach. Create.Write. Repeat.
  I haven't looked back since. (Or at least not for too long:)

Formerly from New York, I've lived in North Carolina for the last 14 years.   When I'm not painting colorful and quirky compositions, full of inspirational messages or contemporary textured abstracts, you can find me  teaching both online and in person at retreats across the country. 

  I have to pinch myself when I say this: you can also find snippets of my work and how to articles in over 20 international mixed media art magazines such as Cloth Paper and Scissors, Somerset Studios, Artful Blogging, Artful Journaling, Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, and more. I also have contributed to 4 mixed media art books (and a few more contributions in 2015-2016 on the way!)
What I enjoy most though, is teaching students around the world to find that artist within and bring that creative soul out.
When I first stepped foot on the sands of Ocracoke Island four years ago,  I think it was the first time I really breathed in a long time. You'll feel it too. It's impossible not to recharge your spirit here!
I could feel the mounds of stress, melt away as if the waves of the Atlantic were carrying my worries out to sea. 
   I knew instantly I wanted to come back and stay awhile.

 Create.  Immerse. Release and Relax in the ocean air.  
ReMe started off as a vision and a dream amongst friends. Now it is not only a reality for us, it will be a reality for you as well,if you so choose to join us. 

Time with friends.  Priceless.

During our time together in 2014, I lead guests through a series of exercises that taught a variety of background, layering, and texturizing  techniques, as we created a word art abstract painting. 

We started with a canvas and unleashed a world of color and texture,  as we embodied each guest's word into their very own  gorgeous abstract painting. 

The Outer Banks is known for it's 'lovable' and historic lighthouses speckled from one end of the banks to the southern tip of our Carolina coast. During my Happpy Little Lighthous class, we painted quirky and whimsical lighthouses that infused playfulness  and color throughout each piece.

 Designed with beginners and seasoned painters in mind, guests enjoyed this fun technique and even better, they walked  away with a couple of amazing pieces of art!

Classes for 2015 ReMe Retreats are still being finalized, and full details will be announced by  January 31, 2015.

One of the many things that I'll continue to look forward to during ReMe 2015, is the ability to connect with and bond with 11 other women over the course of the week.
It's a luxury we are not often afforded. 

 Open studio time is another way for us to learn, recharge, reconnect, and grow.  I will be available  during the open studio time to explore concepts, ideas, and to answer questions about anything else that is on your mind.

My class offering for the 2015 will once again find us painting with abandon, layering our pieces with marks that are unique to each and every one of us.  Perhaps we will compose conversations, or symphonies of layers that will symbolize relationships and friendships we have with our families, friends, spouses, communities.  

Here's a peek at my vision for our project "Dirty Flirty Little Birds":    

"I Got You Babe" 
I have my students back.
  We will soar together.  Have fun.  Paint.

Even in a group setting, with diverse friends that come together, we find things in common that truly bond us.  Through painting our Dirty Little Flirty Birds, we will  tell those stories. Have the conversations with ourselves and each other.

Paint with abandon.
 Peeling back the layers and replacing them with new more vibrant ones.    As an added bonus, we will also work on carving our own rubber stamps so that you truly can make marks that are your own on the substrate. 

Remember, you only live once..the time to do this for yourself is now.

What are you waiting for?   

Come join us.

The ReMe Retreat  Experience awaits you!

**If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

***As with all of our classes during ReMe Ocracoke, your hosts and instructors will be providing you with all of you supplies to work with. Having said that, if there is a paint color you can't live with out or a brush you must have-feel free to bring your typical paintings supplies.  Otherwise, come as you are....we will have you covered!

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  1. I can't wait to take another class of yours Jodi at such a wonderful, beautiful place. Looking forward to seeing you again.


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